Usage Plans and API Keys

Use usage plans to offer different levels of throttling and quota to partners building applications on top of your APIs.

After you create, test, and deploy your APIs, you can use API Gateway usage plans to make them available as product offerings for your customers. You can configure usage plans and API keys to allow customers to access selected APIs at agreed-upon request rates and quotas that meet their business requirements and budget constraints. If desired, you can set default method-level throttling limits for an API or set throttling limits for individual API methods.

In this example, we have a Pet Store API that our partners can use to query what pets are available in the store for purchase. This API is configured for 2 tiers of service

  • Rate: 1 request/sec
  • Burst: 5 requests
  • Quota: 1,000 requests/day
  • Rate: 5 request/sec
  • Burst: 10 requests
  • Quota: 1,000 requests/day

API keys used by your partners to develop applications can be assigned to a usage plan. Once assigned you will also be able to track their usage against the usage plan limits.

Give it a try!

Select a plan below and make requests. You should be able to easily hit the throttling limit using basic.